What is Underfloor Heating?

Forever Warm provides the most revolutionary and innovative solutions when dealing with cold weather or climate: the electric underfloor heating system.

Underfloor heating is a type of central heating system that utilizes hydronic or electrical heating elements. It can serve as a primary heat source that can replace radiators. Electric underfloor heating systems make use of electrical cables embedded in a floor to generate heat, whereas hydronic underfloor heating systems make use of water flowing through thin pumps as a thermal medium to warm cold floors.

Do you know why electric underfloor heating is better than hydronic heating systems or radiators? Unlike traditional heating solutions such as boilers, fireplaces, and ordinary hydronic heater, our underfloor heating systems are proven to be more energy efficient, lasting, and cost-effective. That is why more and more Australians opt for this floor warming innovation, therefore enjoying more comfort in their homes and even workplaces.

What Are the Benefits of Electric Underfloor Heating?

  • Your choice of underfloor heating system depends on the project type or home heating needs. For instance, electric underfloor heating is much more affordable to install in specific areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms than hydronic heating systems. Electric systems can also be retrofitted into existing rooms without causing major disruptions.  

  • Hassle Free and Easy Installation

    Electrical underfloor heating is easy to install under almost any type of floor covering, from concrete, marble tile to timber floors, be in a single room or the entire living room area. Our underfloor heating systems can be installed with minimum disruption to your home. You can also easily change your flooring or access the heating element when necessary.

  • Better Heating Stability

    Compared to other conventional types of heating systems, underfloor heating is installed with better heating stability. Thus, radiant heat is spread evenly and efficiently across the floor and rooms which provides more comfort and convenience. As you roam around the house from your room to the kitchen, and to the bathroom, you will feel warm even if barefooted.

  • Energy and Cost Efficient

    There is nothing to worry about a remarkable increase in energy consumption. This is because this system can be zoned to accommodate required usage a lot easier than other heating systems. Even if the area is big, the underfloor heating uses the floor as the heat radiator, thus, increasing the temperature that much is not needed. It also operates on a low wattage output, which can be adjusted using thermostat control for different scenarios. What's more, electric floor heating could last up to a decade or more so the next generation could still enjoy its benefits.

  • Offers Optimum Comfort

    Our underfloor heating system can serve as a complete floor heating system. It easily controls your indoor temperature for optimal comfort. It has adjustable functions too. You can basically adjust the floor temperature in accordance with your preferences and comfort. Moreover, it has regulated temperature. Feel more comfortable and relaxed to relieve your stress as you spend more time at home with this affordable luxury.

  • Perfectly Safe and Beneficial to Well-Being

    It is also safe from electrical issues, fumes, and other related risks because of its secured insulation and stable connections. Underfloor heating has ample benefits not just to your comfort and lifestyle, but also to your whole family's well-being and health. Moreover, this particular heating system does not tolerate the presence of allergens and small insects and bacteria because it does not produce too much humidity and keeps the home dry while the flooring is heated. It is also noise-free so you could enjoy the temperature without noticing the electrical or mechanical operation of the entire system, unlike other conventional heaters.

Other Floor Heating Systems We Offer

ForeverWarm offers a range of heating elements, from under carpet heating to heated towel rails. These types of heating have a visible heat source in the form of heating mats or towel rails. You can learn more about our other products by visiting our Services page.

Why Choose ForeverWarm's Electric Underfloor Heating System

ForeverWarm offers the best solutions for your underfloor heating requirements. We’ll beat any price from our competitors to make sure that you get value for your money. Speak to our consultants today for expert advice and support.