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About Us

The ForeverWarm team – specialising in underfloor heating installation throughout Victoria. After finding it increasingly frustrating to engage specialist installers of electric underfloor heating, Ben and James decided to take action.

Coming from tiling and electrical backgrounds, the pair decided to research the industry to find the very best quality floor heating options to become experts in the installation of the best heating systems on the market today.

Over the past several years Ben and James have worked with numerous manufacturers of elements, controllers and thermal screed.

The ForeverWarm underfloor heating systems

Unlike many of their competitors who use manufacturers mats, the team at ForeverWarm use custom-laid elements to give a complete coverage of the desired floor space, leaving no cold areas ensuring an even warmth throughout the floor.

A self-leveling thermal compound is used to ensure maximum protection of the element during floor installation and assisting in an even heat distribution.

Simple to operate, ForeverWarm’s heating products are controlled by a programmable thermostat with ease of custom settings to suit your personal touch.

Specialist installers of radiant underfloor heating for all types of flooring

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